So what is the ECO boiler scheme?

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Being energy efficient is necessary in today’s climate, with the national suppliers increasing their gas and electricity prices on a yearly basis. You most likely have felt the effect of more expensive tariff rates over the last few years, with reports suggesting the average bills have doubled since 2004. And by 2020, experts predict bills to once again double.

The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme has been set-up to address this problem and tackle inefficient homes in the country which are wasting hundreds of pounds worth of heat annually.


What is the Energy Company Obligation?

The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) is a Government-run scheme, dedicated to helping homeowners in the UK become more energy efficient. The scheme targets the most vulnerable of households, whether it’s because of a low income or inadequate energy efficiency measures in place, offering free grants for insulation.

Often insulation is avoided because of the expense, but with the ECO scheme you could be eligible to have measures implemented with no charge. This could be a replacement boiler or wall cavity insulation.

The ECO scheme was launched in line with the Coalition’s flagship energy efficiency programme: The Green Deal. And together, both schemes are in place to slash carbon emissions and meet 2050 targets.

The ECO scheme is actually funded by the country’s leading energy suppliers. These are npower, British Gas, EDF, EON, Scottish Power and SSE. They are working in allegiance with the Government to promote energy efficiency and over £1.3bn is being funded each year to tackle the countrywide issue.

If you’re interested in taking part in the ECO scheme, your property will first be assessed by an energy advisor, similar to how the Green Deal works. If you match the criteria and your home is in need of a new boiler, you will be accepted onto the scheme.

Can I qualify for the ECO funding?

With three parts to the main ECO scheme, there’s a strong possibility you may benefit from funding:

  • Affordable Warmth

The Affordable Warmth scheme is intended to directly tackle fuel poverty in the UK in an effort to insulate homes. So what is fuel poverty? Essentially, you fall into fuel poverty if you spend 10% or more of income on dual fuel bills. With the Affordable Warmth scheme you could be eligible for a brand new A-rated efficiency boiler to be installed in your home. And this could cut your bills by a fantastic £300 each year.

Are you eligible for
the ECO Boiler scheme?

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  • The Carbon Reduction Obligation (CERO)

This part of the scheme isn’t solely aimed at homes which are suffering from fuel poverty, but are difficult to insulate too. Typically it’s the walls which are covered by the CERO strand of ECO, with solid walls and cavity walls ready to benefit. Heat is lost in a number of ways, but the walls are one of the main culprits and the Government want to address this by offering free solid wall and cavity wall insulation to homeowners around the country.

  • Carbon Savings Community Obligation (CSCO)

The CSCO targets specific areas of the country which are in dire need of energy efficiency improvements. It’s typically focused on the most vulnerable households in the UK (the bottom 15%). If you live in a CSCO area you could be eligible for free insulation under the scheme.